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New Orleans Filipino American Lions Club

Chartered in 1987, the New Orleans Filipino American Lions Club remains the only Asian Lions Club in Louisiana and one of only a few meeting in the city of New Orleans.  The club is centered on strong service work. 




Another useful internet resource is the Cal Poly Pomona Asian name pronunciation guide: "This web site has been developed to help the campus community more accurately pronounce some common Asian first and last names. Native speakers who were/are Cal Poly Pomona students provided all sound samples (in .wav format) for Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese names." The audio files are indispensable, because the respellings intended to aid pronunciation range from vaguely helpful to actively misleading (the Indonesian name Harjanti is respelled as "harjantee," when the written j actually corresponds to /y/). But the audio files make it a must-bookmark; I could listen to native speakers say names all day. (Thanks for the link, Lobster Mitten!)

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