Asian Pacific American Society of New Orleans


APAS is a non-profit 501(c)(3)organization that provides services and leadership in cultural, social, and economic areas as well as efforts toward integrating Asian and Pacific Islanders into mainstream America. APAS is the umbrella organization for 16 Asian communities in the Greater New Orleans area as listed in this letterhead. Our members include professionals from various industries, including import/export, dental, chiropractic, healthcare/medical, engineering, antiques/furniture, restaurant/hospitality, law, and university professors and scholars.

The rich culture of Asia and the Pacific Islands has become an integral part of America as a result of the huge influx of immigrants into the United States, particularly in the last two decades. As the Asian/Pacific Islander American community grows, the need for one collective voice increases. Founded in 1979, the Asian/Pacific American Society provides services and leadership in cultural, social and economic areas, including efforts to integrate people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent into the American mainstream. Through its activities and projects, APAS seeks to bring out the maximum potential of all people in our communities. With this work, APAS ultimately seeks to build a better world for all races.

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