Please be advised that APAS will reject any express or implied authority of Rajender Pannu, Sun Kim, Stanley Hamidjaja, and Vatsana Chantala, with respect to any actions taken, representations made and solicitations of documents or payments taken in relation to or on behalf of APAS are hereby disavowed and expressly rejected as unauthorized by the Board of Directors of APAS


Attn:  No new membership applications and no donations accepted after September 08th , 2014, until further notice.

We appreciate your interest in and support of APAS, however, at this time because the APAS Board of Directors has approved a motion that will be put before the current APAS membership (determined as of September 4, 2014) for the dissolution of APAS, we are currently unable, in good faith, to accept any donations or new membership applications at this time. APAS very much appreciates your interest and gesture of support. If it is determined by the current membership that APAS will not dissolve, then we welcome and encourage you to reconsider your interest in APAS. Refunds will be immediately issued for those who sent in their donations or dues after September 08th , 2014.                                      


In an effort to inform the membership as to why the APAS Board unanimously agreed to scheduling the September 23, 2104 special meeting of its members, the Board has considered and approved a motion to call a special meeting of the members of APAS to vote on whether or not to dissolve the society.

  • 1.      APAS board members were recently visited by the FBI and the IRS Criminal Investigation Division concerning the past Tsunami Relief Fund activities of APAS.
  • 2.      Recent CPA findings of the Tsunami Relief Fund include incompletely or inadequately documented overseas transactions of approximately $500,000, years of noncompliance with IRS nonprofit guidelines, and undocumented and/or inadequately documented personal reimbursements.

  • 3.      Potential current legal and financial liabilities involving past members of the Board of Directors of APAS.

  • 4.      Federal subpoena served to APAS related to past gala issues.

  • 5.      A pervasive and continuous lack of transparency resulting in a select number of individuals holding power over APAS’s bank accounts for over 10 years, years of controlled management by the same group of individuals, no independent auditing and proper reports given to membership, high incidence of transfers between multiple APAS bank accounts, and certain members of the prior board of directors and advisors demanding perpetual seats on the APAS Board.

  • 6.      Disruptive and bullying behavior displayed at Board meetings by certain members of the prior board of directors.

  • 7.      Racial slurs shouted out at an official board meeting resulting in a member being escorted out by police.

  • 8.      Relentless negative campaigns by certain members of the prior board of directors, which has caused permanent damage to APAS’s good name.

  • 9.      The failure to carry out APAS’s core mission for years.  Unfortunately, it is this Board’s opinion that APAS has done little to further the advancement or the interest of local Asian communities other than providing the same festival and gala each year, providing Ex-Chairs with bonus points on personal American Express cards, and having the same people attend the limited number of APAS events for free.

Due to these reasons stated above, there is little opportunity of corporate or private donations due to the inappropriate action of past chairs and a lack of interest from new talented individuals.

Please understand that dissolution is an OPPORTUNITY to start a NEW BEGINNING to form a functional organization that is reflective of the Asian community – an innovative Asian American society, with a board that reflects the demographics locally can be, and will be, productive!


APAS Chairperson’s 2013 Year End Report

After one year serving as the Chairperson of APAS, I am pleased to highlight what the elected executive team for the term of 2013-2014 have accomplished.  ET (ET) officers are Tina Owen (Chair), Li Li (First VP), Minh Nguyen (Second VP), Jackie Block (Treasurer), and Jasbir Jhita (former Secretary): 

  • Financial Matters:  ET managed to have full financial disclosures at each board meetings with monthly detailed financial reports by Treasurer, Jackie Block.  Past 5 years tax returns filed with the IRS are now available for members and public review on  Most importantly, APAS now has financial operational guidelines in place for its daily operations.  This was a collaboration of Tina Owen, Jackie Block, and Minh Nguyen.
  • Community Relationships:  ET this year initiated great ideas to support its community partners and to strengthen relationship between APAS and its community partners.  Beginning with the Heritage Festival at Audubon Zoo on May 25th, APAS encouraged its community food vendors to participate for free, without a food booth fee levied as in the past years.  Then at the Annual Gala on September 7th, APAS for the very first time gave back to participating Ms. APAS contestants 15% of the funds raised to go toward their community organizations.  This was an initiative by Jasbir Jhita and Tina Owen. 
  • Corporate Highlights:  The APAS name this year has been promoted and partnered with large national corporations as its sponsors for the Heritage Festival, and for the first time APAS has corporate sponsorships to fund festival activities.  I worked very hard in calling on my contacts with companies and corporations to make sure that APAS is on their vendor registers for future and continual supports.
  • Community Participation:  APAS for the first time this year participated in a major community festival at the West Jefferson Hospital Family Fest.  This participation was a success in getting the mainstream community to enjoy what APAS has to offer and to showcase the APAS name to everyone.  This initiative was coordinated by Li Li and Tina Owen.
  • Website Accomplishments:  Besides giving a more updated and modern design and layout, Li Li worked very hard in reaching out to over 300 members frequently by posting over 40 events for various community members as well as APAS events.  APAS now has over 2200 Facebook friends.  For the first time, the APAS Annual Gala provided updated (almost in real-time) tracking of table and seat arrangements, go Li Li! 
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