To comply with APAS by-laws, community representatives are needed to serve on APAS Board to represent the following communities:  Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia.  If you are members from these communities and have strong interests in serving on APAS Board of Directors for a 2-year term, please contact Tina Owen, APAS Chairperson, at  The by-laws can be found under "About Us" tab.     


 Annual APAS Membership Dinner

What a great way to begin 2014 for APAS, our Annual Membership Dinner welcomed about 90 guests. The evening was filled with friendship, shared community information, and lots of great foods. Much appreciation to our guest speakers: Harold Welsh, Dr. Rao Kata, Cyndi Nguyen, Dr. Yu Jiang, and Ms. Evelyn Escondo. Many thanks to our Entertainment Committee: Bert Lemon, Minh Nguyen, and Jackie Block, and organizers: Li Li, Kewen Huang, and Jing Hu. Congrats to all lucky bamboo winners!


APAS Chairperson’s 2013 Year End Report

After one year serving as the Chairperson of APAS, I am pleased to highlight what the elected executive team for the term of 2013-2014 have accomplished.  ET (ET) officers are Tina Owen (Chair), Li Li (First VP), Minh Nguyen (Second VP), Jackie Block (Treasurer), and Jasbir Jhita (former Secretary): 

  • Financial Matters:  ET managed to have full financial disclosures at each board meetings with monthly detailed financial reports by Treasurer, Jackie Block.  Past 5 years tax returns filed with the IRS are now available for members and public review on  Most importantly, APAS now has financial operational guidelines in place for its daily operations.  This was a collaboration of Tina Owen, Jackie Block, and Minh Nguyen.
  • Community Relationships:  ET this year initiated great ideas to support its community partners and to strengthen relationship between APAS and its community partners.  Beginning with the Heritage Festival at Audubon Zoo on May 25th, APAS encouraged its community food vendors to participate for free, without a food booth fee levied as in the past years.  Then at the Annual Gala on September 7th, APAS for the very first time gave back to participating Ms. APAS contestants 15% of the funds raised to go toward their community organizations.  This was an initiative by Jasbir Jhita and Tina Owen. 
  • Corporate Highlights:  The APAS name this year has been promoted and partnered with large national corporations as its sponsors for the Heritage Festival, and for the first time APAS has corporate sponsorships to fund festival activities.  I worked very hard in calling on my contacts with companies and corporations to make sure that APAS is on their vendor registers for future and continual supports.
  • Community Participation:  APAS for the first time this year participated in a major community festival at the West Jefferson Hospital Family Fest.  This participation was a success in getting the mainstream community to enjoy what APAS has to offer and to showcase the APAS name to everyone.  This initiative was coordinated by Li Li and Tina Owen.
  • Website Accomplishments:  Besides giving a more updated and modern design and layout, Li Li worked very hard in reaching out to over 300 members frequently by posting over 40 events for various community members as well as APAS events.  APAS now has over 2200 Facebook friends.  For the first time, the APAS Annual Gala provided updated (almost in real-time) tracking of table and seat arrangements, go Li Li! 
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